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Bible in 90 Days
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Step 1
  • Research the Program - You can check out the main website and watch the introductory video to get a general understanding of the program and reactions of others to the program. From a time-schedule standpoint, here's a time sheet of the first week's readings taken from the Bible Gateway website where the scriptures are read to you. This shows that, on average, you'll spend 58 mintues a day if the scriptures are read to you (and you're following along in a Bible). Chances are that you can read faster!

  • Appoint a Leader - The leader just guides the discussions and does not have to have prior experience.  The leader can also be a participant in the program at the same time.

  • Get Materials - While there traditionally is no charge for the class; you may be interested in getting a good reading Bible and to journalize your experience in the Participants Guide.  You can also download a bookmark that contains the daily reading or download a multi-month calendar sample that you can customize to when your group does the reading.  The leader will also need to purchase a leadership kit (that contains the teaching video DVDs, B90D Bible, Participants Guide, and Teachers information/cd-rom).
Step 2
  • Find a Consistant Location - Group meetings will occur once per week for the 14 week program to facilitate group discussion and to watch professor-led DVD classes.  You'll need to be sure it's available during that timeframe consistently and has a dvd / tv. You should also be thinking about an appropriate 'season' to run the class in. This is a three month comittment - will it interfere with Spring/Summer break, extended holidays, etc? We have found that February thru April and/or September thru November to be 'sweet spots' in our Church's calendar. It's not during major holidays or summer-time events.

  • Share your Class Info - Post your Class (Coming Again soon!) information on the main Bible in 90 Days Website so that others within your same community can join you.

  • Spread the Word - Customize some invites and invite others to join you on your journey.
Step 3
  • Start your reading program - maybe you'll want to have an informational session the week before you start as the Week 1 class/video starts the reading on that same day.

  • Listen to the Word - While the reading is done individually, some have found it helpful to listen to the reading while following along in their Bible.  You can do this a variety of ways by listening online, you can download the Old and New Testament in MP3 format from here, or you can purchase the audio already broken down in the week's reading.

  • Participate in Classes & Watch Videos - Many have said that it was the group setting that enabled & encouraged them to accomplish the reading. "Without the accountability and friendship, I would have never finished....and the videos really helped me to catch what was going on with the reading". The videos are an excellent way to deepen your understanding of the Word and can be really life changing. If by chance you miss one; you can listen online to what was taught.

  • Finish Victoriously! -  While there may be tiVictorious Finish to the B90D Programmes that you might fall behind in the reading - you'll want to find some extra time (maybe on the weekend) to catch up.  Keeping up with the class will help your discussion as a group and will also help to keep you in sync with the video teaching.  And, believe it or not, YOU CAN DO IT!  and join many others in not just reading a book; but either renewing your friendship with an old friend or getting a chance to meet your creator for the first time in a whole, complete, light. 
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